Monday, March 26, 2012

Gap striped t shirt dress

Are you drawn to items that aren't the most flattering?  Tee shirt dresses are on my love/hate list.  I love them because they are so comfortable and easy to wear but unfortunately I do not possess the straight figure and  long limbs for them.  Still, every year I try and this time, the Gap version caught my eye--you know how addicted to stripes I am.  This dress is surprisingly flattering since the material is thicker (the better to hide bumps and lumps) and the top is cut small so it's fitted but it's still roomy in the hip area.  I belted it for a bit more shape and wore this all weekend long, from an estate sale to grocery shopping to the movies.  I'm thinking it might be worth investing in the navy/white striped version next!
 Outfit details
Dress: Gap
Shoes: No6
Accessories: Jcrew belt


  1. Okay, this is great. I have a love-hate relationship with t-shirt dresses for the same reasons you do, but this is amazing. I think I might just have to try one. If they have it in Tall, that is...

    1. yes they do have it in tall! and 25-30% off today :)

  2. The color of the belt is perfect with this dress!

  3. thanks S! I was a bit puzzled as to what color belt to pair with the dress. Good thing I have like 50 options lol

  4. Yes. I bought this in the black and white. I wore it unbelted and was in JCrew later that day and was trying on belts and was like, "hey...this looks cute belted!" I like the color combo you have, too.

  5. The dress is super cute on you!