Monday, June 25, 2012

Ace and Jig market dress

Ace and Jig makes some of my favorite prints and their amazing fabrics are light and so comfortable.  That being said, I've not had a lot of luck with the fit of their items.  I totally get that it's supposed to be easy, effortless, pull on and go type of clothing, but that means that that you either end up with shapeless, billowy, tent-like items or you get stuck while trying to put things on or take them off and throw out your neck in the process (true story).  Zippers or buttons would go a long way in helping ensure a nice fit (esp on the bodice).  My alterations lady helped me out quite a bit on this dress and I am super pleased with it.  I'm still a fan and will be looking forward to future Ace and Jig collections.

Outfit details
Dress: Ace and Jig
Cardigan: Jcrew
Shoes: Walmart
Accessories: Jcrew belt

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