Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shop Uniqlo online!

I am so excited that we can finally shop Japanese brand Uniqlo online now!  Usually I only get a chance to shop there while abroad or through my generous friends that live in NYC (there's a new store in SF now too!).  Uniqlo is sort of like Japan's Gap, with classic styles in quality fabrics.  They also have some great designer collaborations, most notably with Orla Kiely.  With $7 flat shipping and a $7 return shipping if something doesn't work out, you can only imagine how full my shopping cart was!  Here are some of my favorites--will do a review when they get here!


  1. I saw that to today and I promptly ordered an Orla Kiely dress (the green one with the flowers). I am so excited that they are finally online!!!

  2. I ordered a bunch of the orla kiely stuff to get over the free ship threshold. I figure if something doesn't work, paying the $7 for returns makes more sense than paying $14. I love what you picked! I should have really shopped the rest of the sight but I had orla goggles. :)

  3. I am the generous NYC friend! Yaya! --T