Thursday, November 1, 2012

J.Crew Lucille in navy lace

This happens a lot during the allotted 30 seconds of picture taking each day--before BK gets bored and I get tired of smiling and looking sideways to see if any neighbors/golfers might be watching and judging.  

(ps--don't the pups look so handsome with their new haircuts?)

Outfit details
Dress: J.Crew
Jacket: Banana Republic
Shoes: Camper
Accessories: J.Crew necklace


  1. Cute post. I'm impressed BK can keep at it. I think I have a version of that outfit. Yay for cute clothes!!:)

    1. why yes you do have a version of this outfit!! I love navy and grey together! If only you could see all the eye rolls I get from BK when he takes my picture...