Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ace and Jig Harbour dress

Oh friends, I've gone down the slippery slope of buying anything from Ace and Jig and I am not the least bit sorry.  Their Harbour dress is so easy to slip on and wear to work or out on the weekends.  I am so addicted.

Outfit details

Dress: Ace and Jig

Shoes: No.6

Accessories: Object and Totem necklace


  1. I haven't gone down the Ace & Jig road yet. I'll live vicariously through you!

    I cannot get over how wonderful you look in mid-length dresses and skirts. Every time I see a magazine article that tells petite women to stay away from them, I want to say, NU UH! GO LOOK AT SHARON!

  2. What a great dress! Perfect length too! Is that a stretch cotton or linen? It looks very comfortable. You styled that look perfectly! Great ideas!