Monday, May 16, 2011

Vintage lookalike: Madewell Sightseer Skirt

When Madewell came out with the Sightseer skirt, there were screams of joy for it's flattering fit, length and lightweight fabric and alternate screams of outrage comparing it to mom jeans and "something I wore in the 80s".

Since I too was squealing in joy but not exactly excited about the price, I thought I'd keep an eye out for a vintage or thrifted version.  Lo and behold, on a fun thrifting day with Sydney, I came across this version--it has a similar silhouette though in a black denim, which while not my first choice, the 95% price discount helped make up the difference.

Outfit details
Top: Anthropologie
Skirt: Koret (vintage)
Shoes: Sven clogs
Accessories: Mimi Di N mouse belt, vintage bangles