Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ilana Kohn Abby dress in leaf print

We had a glorious week this February where the temperatures were above 70 degrees and I immediately pulled out my new Ilana Kohn silk dress I'd been dying to wear.   This outfit is pretty representative of my style of late.  It's been flowy maxi dresses and cardigans or tunic shirts and slim pants.  I like to jokingly call it my "art teacher chic" phase.  And oh, I'm also obsessed with this new Object and Totem necklace made from hand thrown ceramic beads--I've been wearing it a ton lately and am super excited that Anthropologie picked up this line for the spring!

Outfit details
Dress: Ilana Kohn (via PrettyMommy)
Sweater jacket: Banana Republic
Shoes: No.6
Accessories: Object and Totem necklace
(via PrettyMommy as well)

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