Saturday, February 9, 2013


I've had a little vacation from this blog while life happened and also had a little vacation from (regular) life recently!  We took an unexpected trip to Italy this past month and had such a marvelous time together, exploring the cities by train and foot, gawking at duomos, buying and eating anything truffle-related, bargaining at outdoor markets, and walking down many cobblestone streets to find treasures such as soap from one of the oldest pharmacies in the world and hand painted tiles from local artisans.

My main goal was to dress for comfort and warmth and I made it through with Uggs (yes I know shame on me but really, you know I love a good comfort shoe) and my trusty pair of Toms for the warmer weather in Rome.  I packed pretty well and wore everything except for one sweater.  What really helped combat the cold were scarves, and my favorite one by Ermie kept me cozy and feeling fashionable. 

Here are a couple of pictures:

Standing in St Peter's square in front of the Basilica 
Herff Christiansen jacket, Comptoir des Cotonniers striped top, AG leggings, Toms, BV bag

The Colosseum!
Helmut jacket, Bordeaux top, Madewell cords, Toms, Massimo Dutti paisley scarf, BV bag

And grocery stores are just as important in my travels as the touristy sites!  
Madewell coat, Ermie scarf, AG cords, BV bag and just assume I'm wearing my Uggs


  1. Welcome back! Missed the blogs. The trip looks amazing. I love traveling and must admit one of my favorite things to do on vacation is eat!

    1. oh there was plenty of eating! In fact, I was hard pressed to find any pictures where I did not have any food in my hands

  2. So glad you are back! I love all your Italian ensembles. And your BV!! I'm jealous. :) I really want that Herff Christiansen jacket. I'm not familiar with that designer but you have the best taste so I am going to check him out.

    1. also I do love my vintage BV bag--it's the perfect everyday size. I did get an awesome crossbody bag from the Florence leather market to give the BV a break!

    2. HC is a local Austin designer!