Thursday, August 29, 2013

28 weeks

My transition from the 2nd to the 3rd trimester has been somewhat bumpy (ha!).  I feel like my stomach gets bigger every day (that crab claw buffet from our recent trip to SF probably contributed to much of that) and it still surprises me each time I accidentally bump into the edge of the door or the bathroom counter when I lean in to look in the mirror.  Physically I hit a wall where all I wanted to do was sleep for a week and now I find myself having to catch my breath doing simple activities, even just sitting and talking.  My physical limitations are becoming more evident and emotionally I'm rushing to catch up with this pregnancy.  I told myself that I'd enjoy weeks 20-28 of just being pregnant and feeling great and I certainly have because now I have much left on the list to do!  There's a nursery to get ready, classes to attend, plans to make, etc.  I probably should have been more productive when I had more energy! :)

I haven't bought too many maternity clothing items but did recently splurge on this Splendid tank dress.  It's a great basic that I'll be able to dress up or down and the fabric is substantial and comfortable and will grow with me through this last trimester (and then hopefully I can belt it for later wear).  I'll write a post soon on more of my favorite maternity buys and what worked double duty from my closet.  Got to get cracking on some of this other stuff on my list first! ;)

Outfit details
Dress: Splendid Maternity
Necklace: Object and Totem
Shoes: Walmart

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