Friday, August 2, 2013

The second trimester

(24 weeks)
Ace and Jig dress, No 6 clogs (which both thankfully still fit!)

How I felt:  Marginally better!  The first night I was able to sleep through the night without a bathroom break felt magical.  I started getting a rounder, firmer belly around 16 weeks and felt the little one’s first kicks around week 19-20 (or it could’ve been indigestion).  Sadly no sign of this mystical pregnancy glow, just feeling chunky.

What I didn’t expect:  Physically how quickly I outgrew all my clothing.  I did a little closet redo at about 20 weeks and packed away more than half my wardrobe.  I totally get that this is all part of the process but it still feels a bit disheartening to not be able to fit in things from just a few weeks ago.  Also, I was sad to discover that I will not in fact be one of those people that only gains weight in their belly.  Hello to a fuller face, rib cage, hips, belly and thighs!

Another unexpected part of pregnancy was deciding when and how to communicate the news to others.  Outwardly it’s a no brainer since it’s good news, but people have their own experiences, feelings, and journeys about pregnancy and parenthood and I wanted to be mindful of that.  As an introvert it was also exhausting to tell people and have the correct expression on my face and be excited when I still felt so unsure.  Telling others meant that it was real, not this nebulous thing in my head.  Huge reality check!

What I avoided:  Still haven’t touched those pregnancy books hidden under my bed!

I never knew: how much unwanted advice and unsolicited comments I would get.   I know it’s obvious but really one should never tell a pregnant woman that her face/belly/hips are looking fuller.  Ever.  Also please do not use "waddle" to ever describe someone other than a penguin.

What helped:  It turned out that telling others, especially those I am close to really helped and I am so thankful for the positive emotional support I've received.  I’m also continuing with acupuncture and began prenatal yoga, which really helps with the creaks and growing pains and also gives me more quiet time.   I’m still chowing down on grapefruit and am so glad it’s summer when lots of berries and peaches are in season!  A good friend lent me the book Bringing Up Bebe which I found really comforting and I’ve really enjoyed reading Cup of Jo’s motherhood around the world series.  More than ever, I’m reminded how important it is to surround myself with positive people and voices, to seek help when needed, and to trust my intuition more soundly.

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