Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Madewell pillar skirt

Am loving this Madewell pillar skirt but it got all sorts of crinkly from a day at work.  It doesn't help that when I sit at my desk, I usually cross a foot under (half criss cross applesauce) so that's why you see the wrinkles at the bottom of the skirt as well.  Some people just can't have nice things...

 Outfit details
Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Madewell
Shoes:DV Jamison boots
Accessories: Anthropologie necklace


  1. Oh that necklace is so pretty! I have the crinkly issues myself, but I'm certainly not going to stand straight as a stick all day. The way I see it, wrinkles happen to us all.

  2. We have the same missoni target poof! I love this outfit. The colors and textures are great. And wrinkles are inevitable by the end of day for a lot of my own pieces. I don't mind them! That necklace is super cool!