Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vintage designer bags

Another reason why I love vintage is that sometimes it's a cost effective way to purchase some of your favorite brands.  I would never want to plunk down the cash for a retail priced version of these bags, partly because I'm cheap, and partly because I couldn't afford it!  I lucked out finding these bags at a mere fraction of their original prices and love the classic shapes.  Also,  it's kind of nice to know that they still hold up and look pretty good 30 years down the road!

LV Speedy 35: from a friend
Coach black cross body: from a thrift store
Bottega Veneta cross body: from Moss Consignment


  1. Love your vintage bags! I would never buy a new LV, but if I could find a vintage one, it would be mine in a second!

  2. Nice collection of vintage bags!