Friday, January 20, 2012

vintage Les Bernard earrings

I just got these fun vintage Les Bernard earrings--however they are huge! I was hoping to convert the clip backs to pierced to make them more wearable but they are pretty hefty.  Now I'm thinking I'll use them for another jewelry project but am not quite sure what.  Any suggestions?


  1. You can make brooches, add a pin back to each and you even connect two of them with a chain so you can pin one to one side of a cardigan and the other brooch to the other side. It'd be cute!

  2. Lab geek's ideas are what I was thinking too :) They would make awesome sweater clips.

  3. oh that's a great idea ladies! I do love a good sweater clip... :)

  4. Well now I'm the odd one out, haha. I wanted you to pin them to a bib necklace, but sweater clips are a better (and easier) idea!

    1. a bib necklace? tell me more--I'm intrigued. These might hang better on a necklace since they are so darn heavy