Friday, January 30, 2015

Stella's room

Just wanted to share a few pictures from Stella's room!  There's not really a theme, rather we just began filling it with things that we loved or had special memories to us.  We recycled a lot of the furniture (the Ikea malm dresser was in our room before, as well as the little desk and chair), the recliner came from the Salvation Army and the pouf from the living room.  So really the only new pieces are the crib (Ikea again) and rug (Land of Nod).

Our most expensive splurge was the canvas above the crib from local artist Caroline Wright.  I saw the print online and just loved it and then got to meet Caroline in person at her studio as well.  Since it was the only thing I loved for the nursery and I was 7 months pregnant at the time, I think BK just let me get it so we could get moving on fixing up the room.  That said, I still love it and I hope that one day Stella will want to take it (and me) with her to college.

A few other fun details:  we loved the 2013 calendar travel theme from Rifle Paper Company and framed our favorite destinations for the large wall.  BK painstakingly matched the colors and painted the frames.  The little bird growth chart is so precious and it's been fun marking her progress.  For Stella's first birthday, I ordered a specially made cuddling bunny from the Polka Dot Club and have been pushing it on her as a lovey.  Some days she looks for the bunny and kisses it sweetly and other days I find her dangling it over the crib in a mildly threatening way so I guess time will tell.

The owl clock is of course by George Nelson and I have such memories staring at that clock in the early days using it to time our nursing sessions.  In our little recliner nook, we framed two pictures of Link and Kirby from k9artgallery.  They aren't exactly pictures of Link and Kirby but it does look remarkably like them and I cannot tell you how many times Stella's eyes will light up and she'll say her word for doggie when she sees these pictures.  Totally worth it.  And lastly, the little baba sheep painting was made by BK and his mom was he was little and Stella loves batting at the wool felt sheep as we try to wrangle her diaper on and off.  

Thanks for letting me share!  Hope you enjoyed a little look into one of our favorite rooms in the house!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1 year! (or 14 months)

So this post is more than a few months late but the pictures were at least taken on time!  We were super excited to celebrate Stella's first birthday.  Her school made her a paper crown to wear on the big day and we partied that weekend with friends and received so many fun books to add to her collection.  It made me laugh that after the party, all three of us introverts went home and took a long nap!

To be honest, I felt a bit blue after the occasion.  Not only because my little one is now growing and changing into a toddler (oh hi, toddler tantrums), but also because I think I had set one year as a goal (we just need to make it to a year! we just have to keep the baby alive till a year!).  And it came and went without any magical things happening (ie. sleeping through the night) and I thought, wait, we have 17 more years to go?  Parenthood continues to feel like one step forward, two steps back.  Just when things start to run smoothly and it seems like we're getting the hang of it, up pops another change and we have to learn to adapt again.  But I guess change has its positive aspects, and Stella certainly has grown and changed before our very eyes.  Some of our favorite things about her recently:

-- how she gives kisses complete with a long sound effect (mmmmmmmmmmmm-AHH)
-- that she pushes chairs and coffee tables around the house to use as a walker
-- how pleased she is to practice new skills like clicking her tongue or giving high fives
-- that she loves to pick up any little piece of lint or miniscule object on the floor and immediately hand it to one of us (actually a rather good skill for a food allergic child to learn)
-- how in love she is with the pups -- they are the first thing she points to in the morning

Happy birthday love!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

9 months

I can't believe we've made it to 9 months already!  This little munchkin continues to be such a joy in our lives.  We've had some rough times with a 13 hour time difference baby jet lag (what I refer to as the 7th level of hell), hand foot mouth disease (another level) and we're also still trying to wrap our brains around a recent peanut allergy diagnosis.  But through it all, this little one manages to wake up with a smile every day and keeps us marveling at all the new things she's learning.  She's able to get herself from lying down to sitting up and back again with ease, is beginning to practice crawling on all fours, raises herself up on her knees, and has learned to clap (interestingly enough you have to ask her to do it in Mandarin).

Here are some of our favorite things lately about our Stella girl:

--How the squeaking of the toothbrush against your teeth amuses you

--The soft feel of your hands as you pet my arm or leg

--How you use your curious index finger to explore everything from Kirby's ear to the inside of a straw

--How you love to shake your body and dance to music

--How you scrunch up your face to laugh when we blow air in your face

--How you reach out to run your hands under the faucet or the garden hose

--The way you can zone in on the tag on anything, from stuffed animals to wash cloths to even the tag on the tag blanket

Happy 9 months! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Short sleeve button downs

Lately I've been loving these blousy button down tops with a slim longer sleeve--pairing them with slim cropped pants or shorts for the weekend.   They're easy to wear, fulfill my art teacher chic sensibilities and bonus--are nursing and work/pumping friendly.  I've been hoarding these Ilana Kohn Darryl shirts like they're going out of style.  Simply perfect with the longer hem in the back (and her prints are to die for).

A basic chambray from Steven Alan

And these two are on my Madewell wishlist:  lovely stripes

And silk

What have you been loving this summer?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Seven months

So obviously I meant to write this post at 6 months when these pictures were taken but that's an accurate reflection on how things have been going so far.  Good intentions followed by distractions, sleep deprivation leading to forgetfulness, you know the drill.  I can't believe that this little girl is seven months now.  All I can think is we've kept her alive for this long! *high five*

To be honest, motherhood has not come very easily to me.  It's a steep learning curve and just when I feel like I can catch my breath, everything changes and there's more to learn.  When they say a baby doesn't come with a manual, I think it's the exact opposite.  There are too many manuals out there, too many opinions on how to raise your child and of course everyone thinks their way is the best way.   It's easy to get lost in the cycle of second guessing and doubting yourself.  I'm slowly learning to trust my own intuition and judgment to figure out what works well for this little one.  Of course there are many days when we just eye each other and wonder what's really going on and who's in charge.  :)

B and I have really enjoyed the past couple of months with Stella.  It seems like each day she learns more and more and is becoming her own little person.  Here are a few things that just melt my heart:

--how she stretches into a "starfish" shape when she first wakes up in the morning
--the little freckle on her left hand
--how she pats her daddy's beard when he's rocking her before bedtime
--the way she scrunches her nose and laughs when she likes something
--how she preens like a bird in the mirror during bathtime

Sunday, March 16, 2014

4 months

It's been four whole months since Stella was born and I still don't have the words to adequately express how excited, tired, incredulous, scared, and humbled I feel to now be her mama.  While I realistically knew it wouldn't be bliss all the time, I had seriously underestimated the of hard work, self doubt, and of course sleep deprivation that would become our norm.  It's been helpful to realize that most everything (the good and the bad) are just phases and will pass, and to learn to be flexible and adapt as you go along.  This is especially difficult for a creature of habit, schedules and routines like me but I'm learning slowly.  Most of all, my choice in how to view things has made a large difference.  On a bad day, I would feel like the baby was taking me hostage, catering to her every whim.  And on a good day, I would be able to tell myself that responding to her needs helps strengthen our bond and that a secure attachment will ultimately give her the confidence to explore and be independent.  She can't know she's deliberately keeping me away from my sleep or household chores or online shopping, she simply just needs her mama. 

Near the end of my pregnancy, I started feeling more introverted and wanted to keep my world quite small and protected, probably in anticipation of the baby and the total chaos that would ensue.  After she was born, our world opened back up and I felt so supported by family and friends who encouraged us every step of the way and marveled at Stella along with us.  There was great advice and not so great advice, all given with good intentions.  And slowly we are learning what feels right to us and the values we want to have as parents.  Navigating new parenthood can sometimes feel isolating and yet there is also great comfort knowing others who have walked the same path.  In the beginning when things were just so new and difficult I couldn't wrap my brain around how other people did this and even had multiple children!  Were their babies just better sleepers?  Did they have selective amnesia?  Now when I am up for the 4th time at night with Stella, I think about other mothers somewhere around the world that are up at that very moment with their babies as well.  And if it's 5am, I think about my friend Jill who is probably up with her baby just a few miles away from me.  And this helps me feel less lonely and more brave to join the ranks of these women who have come before me in loving and raising their babies. 

Monday, December 16, 2013


Stella Margaret!  Named after her great-great grandma and great grandma who are dearly missed.  She arrived on November 13.  Who knew this tiny little bundle would be so precious? Everyone is doing well (beyond the sleep deprivation) -- hope to share more soon!