Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach wear

First day on the beach!  Here's the view we have from the patio of our little beach apartment, gorgeous isn't it?  I decided to pair trusty stripes with my new hot pink shorts.  I rarely wear shorts (I'm grandma self conscious like that) but couldn't resist these from Jcrew.  The fit is actually really great if you're a dewdrop shape like I am (thanks Lucky mag!) and the 5 inch length provides perfect coverage for the more modest.  (I would've gone for the 7 inch but B politely suggested that they look like men's shorts)  I went for hot pink b/c I figured if I were going for shorts, I'd go big or go home and couldn't be more pleased with the color.  Somehow I feel like the neon-ness diverts attention away from my less than perfect parts.  Or maybe just blinds the viewer so everything looks hazy.  Wow this is a lot of reflection about an outfit.  I think I better head out for a swim now!

Outfit details
Top: Jcrew
Shorts: Jcrew
Shoes: Havaianas
Location: Barbados


  1. Stripes! AND Pink! LOVE! Your view is amazing! I hope you are having a fabulous time, dear.

  2. If I were not mega-pregnant, I would be totally sold on hot pink shorts myself. You look so cute! Enjoy the beach!