Monday, July 25, 2011

Mociun dress

This Mociun dress (found by way of Moss) is officially my favorite weekend dress.  It's easy to put on and the fabric and style keeps me cool in this 100 degree heat.  I am once again photo-bombed by Link.  I'm surprised B cut him off in this picture.  Usually the pictures he takes are more of the dogs than me.  In one instance, my head was cut off so he could get a good angle of Link.  Priorities priorities.

Outfit details 
Dress: Mociun
Shoes: Walmart
Accessories: Dream Collective necklace
 Fail jewelry and vintage cuffs


  1. What a lovely summer dress! You have the best eye for vintage. The necklace is a standout, love that.

  2. Love that dress! just visited Austin and Moss was my favorite store, what a dream job!

  3. That dress is super cool! I've always been drawn to the Mociun textures and fabrics. I wish there was a Moss in Pittsburgh.

  4. thanks!! I adore Mociun and the cut of this dress is just so super flattering--I want my alterations lady to duplicate it!