Thursday, August 25, 2011

Austin Fashion Week parties (Wednesday)

Grechen and I attempted 3 parties in one evening, Grechen just fresh from a root canal procedure, and me, cross-eyed from a crazy week at work.  It's no wonder that the quality of my pictures dwindled as the night (and alcohol) wore on.  From party #1: above are some delicious treats by the Sweet Pop Shop at the Underwear/By Jeannie party.  Jeannie's line of jewelry was gorgeous and I especially loved this lace cuff:

In silver as well

Party #2: Tess dress at Touch of Sass.  This party was a blast--the yummy burgers and fries from Terra Burger and apple pie from Tootie Pie were delicious.  This was also the party with the strong drinks (thanks for mixing those margaritas Andrea!).  I wish I had taken more pictures of the jukebox, original coke machine and all the other wonderful touches they added to this party.  There was a short fashion show and here are the models with Theresa and Andrea.

Hanging out with Cathy

Grechen and D'Andra in the Tess USO dress

Party #3: Moss and Margot Wolf.  Sorry, I think my head exploded at this point from the heat and margaritas so no pictures.  This party was hopping and Margot's jewelry was amazing and even better in person.  The food was pretty good though I did have a moment when I discovered that the sushi had no rice in in (sacrilege!).  Sydney showed up a bit for this so the party became an epic win.  All in all it was a fun evening and I'm hoping that better pictures will surface soon from the other attendees!

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