Friday, August 19, 2011

Sailboat dress turned skirt

I am a creature of habit so here is yet another Malia vintage dress in a sailboat print.  But to my credit instead of reaching for my tried and true formula of a belt and cardigan, I decided to put a short sweater over the dress instead.  I've always loved the look on others and thought I'd try out something new.  It felt a bit odd not wearing a belt all day as I like to have my waist defined, but I definitely like the idea of having the option of wearing this as a dress or a skirt.  What are your thoughts on this top over a dress deal?  Have you tried it?  Liked it?

Outfit details
Top: Target
Dress: Vintage Malia
Shoes: Marni
Accessories:Fail cuff, Shaesby ring,
Dream Collective necklace and Braille ring


  1. Shar! I didn't know you had another blog! How do you manage to keep up with them both :) I'd love to play around with the camera with you. Maybe our paths will cross one day :) I'll have to go through all your photos for style inspriation!

  2. Hey S, shopaholic from fashionism here! I just stumbled across your blog!

    Love the top over dress outfit... going to have to give that a spin myself.

  3. Zon--I don't really have time for one blog let alone two lol. I def need camera tips from you--in fact, cannot figure out why my portrait pictures are so fuzzy. Nikon D3100 does great with closeups but cannot figure out portraits for some reason!

    Shop/overcaffeinated: yay hello fashionism friend!

  4. I've been meaning to try to kick the belt and cardi habit that I've been addicted to. This seems to be do-able, dress and sweater over it. But I know I will be very tempted to belt it! :D I really like that top though.

  5. How are you taking the self portraits? Are you using a remote?

  6. I've have tried this, but def didn't pull it off as well as you have here. I can still your tiny waist, so don't feel like it is gone. I like that bracelet. It's very ladylike.

  7. I am loving a sweater over a dress look. It is going to be in major rotation for me come fall.

  8. Z--I'm using my husband to take pictures :) Should we be using a different mode (portrait? auto?) or is there an easy manual setting?

    Sydney--you know you're one of the ones that inspired me to try this combo!