Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend buys

The shopping gods were smiling down on me this weekend!

From Le Garage sale:
- J Brand crops (which are really full length on me, but perfect for rolling up to show a little ankle)
- Joie white silk top -- I can't resist an embroidered top
- Green statement necklace -- perfect color that will work for all seasons!

Not only that but I scored two gorgeous dresses from the 499 dresses sale:  a vintage black dress with gorgeous beading and a chiffon skirt, and my very own Tess Margaret dress!

Did you get anything good this weekend?


  1. Excuse me! That top and necklace are divine. Did you not bring them out yesterday because you were afraid I would steal them? Good call!

  2. Yay, your own Margaret! I wear mine all the time - it's so beautiful and comfy.