Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No. 6 dress and clogs

I know this excuse has been used a lot, but my camera really did eat my pictures.  So today here's just a low quality outfit picture from my trusty iphone, taken in the dressing room at Anthropologie where I was scoping out sale items (more stripes and the pointillist blouse!).  I absolutely adore the vintage-y print on this No. 6 dress and the blazer has the best cropped sleeves ever.

 Outfit details
Dress: No. 6
Blazer: Smythe
Shoes: No. 6
Accessories: JW Hulme bag


  1. Love the outfit. I didn't know No. 6 made clothes. I thought they only made clogs! What did you buy??? Do tell!!!

  2. I love your entire outfit! Wow! That dress is fantastic. I also had no idea they made clothes. I thought they only made shoes.

  3. thanks ladies! I adore this No 6 dress--think it was from a season or two ago. The cut is gorgeous (though you can't see it here) and the silk is lightweight enough for summer but doesn't wrinkle at all, making it the perfect travel dress!

  4. Oh, did you get the striped shirt behind you?? I bought that online too along with another motif just to see which one I like best. I love the print of that dress BTW!

  5. Jen I got the lighter blue motif online too and will see how it looks on (the stripes are rather wide so I'm on the fence). The best design for that tee is the sailboats!! Did you get one of those?

  6. I got both shirts in stripes, the one you have in that picture and the light blue one. My sister loves the bug version of that shirt.

  7. Oh, and I just saw your comment on my H&M dress. Note to self: don't put dress in dryer, thanks for that because I would have totally done it too! And I actually un-hemmed the bottom for an extra inch of length. I'm always super conscious of my hemlines. If you look carefully in this post,
    you'll see that the bottom-most stripe is thinner than the rest of the dress. :D