Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jcrew jersey dress

Still trying to figure out indoor pictures.  If anyone has any tips let me know!  I was happy to pull out this Jcrew jersey dress from my winter clothing pile.  Usually I wear a belt with it but went with a big necklace instead.  

Outfit details
Dress: Jcrew
Shoes: No. 6
Accessories: Anthro necklace


  1. Love this!!!! I wish I had tips for you, but alas, I don't know anything about photography!

  2. My husband recently changed the lightbulbs in our bedroom to these energy saving white lights. And I must say they photographed pretty well, as if there was natural lighting. Love the dress! Its so sleek on you.

  3. Such a pretty dress! I like how it lets the necklace sing.

  4. I love jersey dresses! It looks great on you, and the necklace is the perfect touch.

  5. I have no advice on the inside photos. My apartment is so dark and the lights are horrible. I hate this time change; it has halted my photos.