Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Welcome to daylight savings time and a new change of scenery!  Since it's pitch black dark when I get home now, B and I are trying to figure out another suitable location to take outfit pictures.  (well, I am, B naively thought we'd just stop outfit pictures all together--sucker) As you can see, not only do we have limited knowledge on how to operate our fancy camera, we also aren't quite sure about lighting.  Do you stand under the light, by the light, away from the light?  The puppies are also quite confused by the new location. We'll get it together soon enough!

Outfit details
Top: LE Canvas
Skirt: thrifted
Accessories: totally forgot the brand of the necklace right now
Shoes: No. 6 / Joie

I wore my No. 6 clogs with this outfit for the day but came home to these gorgeous Joies waiting for me.  What do you guys think about "shooties" (it's a shoe, no, it's a boot!).  I like the unique look but the heel is a bit unwieldy and you know how I like my comfort shoes...


  1. The only good thing about changing the clocks back one hour is that I don't have to wait long until the sun comes up in the morning to take my photo. But that will change pretty soon. I love the simplicity of this outfit! The shoes are also too cool!

  2. ah Jenn--you are a morning bird! I'm too blurry eyed to even attempt a picture, let alone try to get B out of bed to take one for me :)

  3. OMG!! Can you please tell me where you bought those shoes!! I'm in loooove!

  4. the shoes are Joie Madonnas--you can find them on endless, amazon or piperlime--good luck!

  5. I LOVE these shoes. OMG they are amazing. I also like the location and the puppies. I have no clue re: lighting though. That's probably part of why my own blog photos are so bad. haha