Monday, November 7, 2011

A love hate relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with jeans and pants.  I love that they keep me warm, but I absolutely hate how they look on me.  Due to my body shape (pear, bottom heavy), it's challenging to find pants that fit properly, let alone look good once they're on.  I've gravitated towards wide leg jeans and pants because I guess camouflage is part of human nature.  However, a wise stylist kindly told me that baggy pants weren't exactly flattering either and encouraged me towards trying slimmer pants.   I'm still not going all out emo skinny jeans or leggings, but here is my compromise.  With the weather turning cooler, I've either got to figure out how to pose in pants or find me some fleece lined leggings to wear with my beloved dresses and skirts.  Am I the only one out there that hates pants? *crickets*

Outfit details
Top: Muji
Blazer: Jcrew
Jeans: Paige
Shoes: No. 6
Accessories: Candace Ang


  1. You are definitely not alone. Pants and I have a horrible relationship. I don't think I have any I like; mostly I just have pairs that I make do with.

    That being said, I like the styling here. I think those jeans look good on you.

  2. thanks Gracey--glad to know I'm not the only one! I do like these jeans--they're Paige Roxie Crops (though on me they're full length jeans). I'm always happy to pass along jeans/pants that fit me in hopes that they will work for someone else as well!

  3. i think you look great in jeans-very nice outfit!

  4. You look great in both styles!